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Lower back pain can be a common symptom during pregnancy, sometimes it can be coupled with nasty shooting pain in your back. This may be caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, which is a nerve that starts in your back and run down the back of each leg. 

This symptom is most common in the last two trimesters of pregnancy which could be coming from the growing baby bump.


Some common questions:

Why does this pain occur during pregnancy?
This one is hard to determine, it may be due to the increase pressure in the area from the uterus growing or the change in the posture that occurs during pregnancy.

How do you know you have sciatica? Are there any tests?
Pain in the lower back and running down the legs is the most common presentation, however it is best to book in with your chiropractor to get formally checked and diagnosed. 

Will it affect my baby?
In most cases the baby is unaffected, just the poor mother! There are things we can do to help with the symptoms to accommodate the rapid changes occurring to the body that may be causing the pain, so have no fear!

What can I do to avoid sciatic pain during pregnancy?
While you may not be able to avoid it, there are a few steps you can take to help reduce the pain and symptoms. See below.

What is the best way to help sciatica pain during pregnancy?
Avoiding staying on your feet for long periods may help decrease the pain.
A pregnancy pelvic girdle has helped some women.
Checking in with your chiropractor to assess your posture, alignment and muscles may help take pressure of your back. Chiropractors have gentle, effective methods to help deal with lower back pain during pregnancy. Most chiropractors have pregnancy tables to allow you to get treatment even with the growing belly.

If you are suffering from lower back pain or sciatica during your pregnancy, make an appointment with our chiropractors at Blossom. We have a special interest in helping pregnant women through all stages of pregnancy and managing the amazing changes in their bodies. 

Yours in health, 

Dr Diana Pakzamir
Blossom Family Chiropractic

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