5 THINGS DIGITAL SCREENS are doing to your health


Digital eye strain (also known as computer strain syndrome) consists of eye and vision problems that result from prolonged exposure to a computer screen, tablet, e-reader or mobile phone.


Digital eye strain occurs from the BLUE LIGHT emitted from our screens.
This screen light can also cause the following issues:

  • dry, sore eyes

  • loss of focus

  • headaches

  • difficulty getting to sleep

  • blurred vision


Blue light naturally occurs in sunlight so we are exposed to it regularly, more recently it has been used in artificial screens so we are also exposed to it through our digital devices. This means that we are being exposure to blue light at all hours, where our bodies are used to receiving this light only during the day. This is where digital eye strain begins.

FIVE facts you did not know about BLUE LIGHT & DIGITAL EYE STRAIN

  1. When your brain “sees” blue light at night, the mixed message can add up to serious health issues, due to the lack of sleep and excess stress.

  2. Blue light from digital screens may decrease the production of melatonin in humans. Melatonin production is needed to help us fall asleep and regulate the circadian rhythm.

  3. We can spend most of our waking hours staring at digital screens, whether it's the computer at work, mobile phone, iPad, PlayStation or TV. All this screen time can be hard on your eyes and can lead to eye strain.

  4. You can easily block some of the negative effects of blue light by wearing protective eye wear while using technology for long periods of time. eg during the work day

  5. Lack of sleep may increase stress on the body, impacting overall health, influencing our posture and causing more pain and discomfort throughout the body.

What can YOU do?

As chiropractors we are interested in taking care of the causes of your problems, not just the symptoms. We are finding more regularly patients presenting with headaches and postural strains from using technology daily.
We also recommend using 20-20-20 rule whenever you are on a digital screen. For every 20 minutes of screen time, look away for 20 seconds at least 20 feet (6m) away.
One of the other ways that may help with these symptoms are with blue light blocker glasses.
We love the Baxter Blue range of glasses, as they work wonders for blocking the blue light and they look stylish too. Each pair of glasses filter out 50% of harmful blue violet light and let the good blue light in, they have UV400 protection (99-100% UVA & UVB protection), they have an anti reflective and anti scratch coating and they are non-prescription so it can be worn by anyone, from children to adults!



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Lets talk- Text Neck. 4 tips to save your neck!

Neck Pain

Think of your day, how often are you looking down towards a device; at work, school and home? Now, while we are so blessed to live in a time where these wondrous technologies are at our fingertips, we need to be careful of our spines as the poor things are getting hurt. Ouch!

Text neck may aggravate chronic headaches, muscle tightness & strains, and neck pain, pain in the shoulders, down the arms, hands and wrists. It may even cause some numbness or tingling in these areas and that is just in the short term.

When we look down at our phones, our neck flexes forward, putting strain on our muscles and other structures in our bodies, our shoulders roll forward to compensate and can cause the ‘hump” or ‘kyphosis”. This can lead to postural issues which may affect a wide range of areas of our lives, including the spinal health of our discs and vertebrae.

Remember- For every inch you drop your head forward, you double the load on your muscles due to gravity.

  1. Keep Them Up! Raise the device you are on to eye level, so that you are looking forward. Stack some books under that laptop, lift your phone up to eye level. This is extremely important when working at a device for long periods of time, especially within your work space.
  2. Ahh now that the device is at the right level. SIT UP RIGHT, use your back muscles to pull your body up straight, look at your profile in the mirror and get your ears as aligned with your shoulders as possible. (more below)
  3. Make sure you get adequate breaks from the devices, go for a walk around, look at something at eye level further away.
  4. CORE CORE CORE- activate it! Imagine you are doing pilates! whenever we activate our core, it reminds us to keep straighten and align our posture. Do not underestimate the cores power. If you do not know how to engage it, invest into learning how to, as it is well worth it.

Exercises to do daily:

  • Chin tuck- You sit or stand up tall, your chin parallel to the floor and pull your chin back. Do not take it too far, it shouldn’t cause pain. Release and do it again.
  • Shoulder blades - imagine your shoulder blades squeezing together, this can be done at your desk or in your car. Sit up or stand straight, squeeze them back and hold for 10 secs and release and repeat.

Invest in your spine's health

Yours in Health, 

Dr Diana Pakzamir
Principal Chiropractor