I’ve said it before, and will continue to say; your core muscles are SO important when it comes to your posture, exercises and stability.
Let us boost our core strength by putting it at the forefront of our minds.

Firstly, the core is the centre of you it is what holds up your upper body, without it, you may load up unnecessary pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles. In your lower back (lumbar spine), there are 5 vertebrae that allow for you to bend forward, backwards, side to side and twist.

The muscles in this area keep you upright, you need to keep them strong to avoid injuries, particularly in the lower back! The core is not a single muscle, it is a combination of muscles. A weak core or not activating your core can affect your posture, as it can make you hunch over, which can even affect your breathing.

There are a series of exercises you can do to strengthen the core but FIRST, we need to learn how to activate it.


  • Draw your belly button to your spine, not by sucking your breath in but by using the muscles (please continue to breathe). Pilates instructors ask you to do this all the time!
  • PEEEEE! Yes, that’s right, pretend you are trying to stop yourself from peeing, squishing your muscles switches on your pelvic floor and your core muscles.

Doing both of these, should not hurt and should not stop your breathing.
Now that you’ve learnt the technique, lets activate!

- Try this technique prior to lifting anything, while you’re sitting in the car, or while taking your selfie ..brace that core!

Once you know how to activate your core, now you can strengthen it. This is where the pilates, yoga and all that twisting and crunching come into play.
Training your body to activate the core and strengthen it is particularly important for anyone suffering lower back pain (I’m sure we all know a few people), studies have shown that in every case of lower back pain, the deep core stability that your muscles provide stops working. Not good, not good at all.

We need our core to help us stand tall and confident, look good and feel great! As we know the bad posture ruins more than just your pictures..

Note: There can be a missing link to core stability, and that is alignment and movement of the pelvis. This is where it is best to see your chiropractor first. A study done on core activation showed that after an adjustment of the pelvis, there can be a 40% increase in core muscle function, allowing you to strengthen this muscle group more efficiently — Study link here. I haven’t convinced you yet, here are some reasons to start activating your core TODAY:

  1. Prevent injuries— link to study here.
  2. Protect our spine, organs and nervous system , because let’s face it, they’re important. See your chiropractor!
  3. Help our pains. Lower back pain? Work on your core, studies below as to why here.
  4. Confidence — our posture can be upright and strong, making us increase our belief in our own minds and look so much better in pictures(and day to day).
  5. Activating your core requires you to stand or sit up straight, making the tummy area more flattering, and ensure you are confident in your own skin.
  6. You can be stronger in exercise, activating your core muscles and stabilizing the area gives your body strength to centre from, making you able to lift easier, jump higher, and run faster.


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Dr Diana Pakzamir