Things you did not know about your posture...

Have you ever wondered how powerful your posture is in your everyday life and on your thoughts? 

Of course there are anatomical reasons for upholding a good posture in your everyday life, but there are psychological reasons too — boom, have I got your attention yet?

Studies have proven that a good posture gives you more confidence in your own thoughts! People that held better postures, sitting up straight, standing tall are more likely to believe in their own thoughts- now lets all try and become believers.

This study was conducted for the purposes of a job interview but the theory applies everywhere. People who sat up straight in their chairs were more likely to believe in their thoughts that they wrote down on whether they were qualified for a job or not.

Lets apply this to our everyday lives, deducing from these studies we can see that our posture can affect the way we think of ourselves.

Good posture can make you look better and hence more confident.

Here are some tips to try for becoming more confident through your posture:

  • 1. Keep Up Straight! Whether standing or sitting, sit with a straight back, pull those shoulders back & down and activate your core.
  • 2. HUG- always be ready for the hugs . Create the posture of wanting to receive a really big hug or like you are hugging a huge tree. Stand straight with your arms stretched out and see how you feel, this is a great one to do before or after anything important for example- an exam or an interview or even public speaking. 
    Studies have shown that this posture increases our levels of testosterone and hence makes us feel more confident — woo for hormones
  • 3. Punch to the sky!- victoryyyyy- studies have shown that our bodily actions can result in an exertion of will-power, and can increase non-conscious bodily actions, self control and improve well-being. So make a fist and punch it to the sky!
  • 4. Get help! If you are struggling with posture, whether it is due to pain or restrictions in movement- Get to your Chiropractor & get yourself adjusted!

    Do these and see how amazing you will feel!

Be confident with body language and touch , talk to people and engage into the conversations with your posture, lean in, keep your head up and make eye contact.

These movements through your body can allow a raising of self-esteem and show your true self to this wonderful world. Open up your mind, soul and body and take on every day and its new challenges with a charge and confidence that it deserves.

Dr Diana Pakzamir ❤